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male 30s bad breakouts

I am a 34 year old male
As a teenager I had problems wit acne on my chest 
While I did also suffer from Rosacea I didn't get many spots on my face.

The chest acne cleared up in my early and mid 20's 
In the years afterward I had far from perfect skin but breakouts were mild and I was able to treat redness with sudocream

However in the last two years I have had major out breaks including cyst spots and my skin in worse than its ever been
The majority of the spots are on my forehead and neck and recently I got bad cyst spots on my jaw line 

I went to the doctor and was given antibiotics which I was on for a couple of months but they did nothing 
I am now taking Acumax which I have been on for 6 weeks
I have also introduced a better face cleaning regiment using Image products but thats not working 
I am wondering what others recommend either OTC or from a doctor
I am considering trying pro-active  or exposed skin care or really anything that will help

I have really no ideas though of what to do I dont want to waste my money on visiting beauty clinics or buying stuff that doesn't work

I have attached a couple of images of my forehead and neck but I think my skin looks worse than in the photos 




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I feel your pain. I too am 34 and still dealing with breakouts. I've done the antibiotic, accutane, vitamins, you-name-it route and still looking for answers.

How's your diet? Sometimes it's easy to focus on trying to deal with the external and not thinking about the internal. Do you drink plenty of water throughout the day? Have you tried herbal teas (green, red bush, ginger etc.)? Are you eating a low-gluten/low-sugar diet, rich with vitamins from fruit and veg?

In terms of skin care, it's hard to suggest something because everyone's skin is different. It might be worth looking at the ingredients in any products you are using and making sure nothing there is going to clog your pores. I recently ditched a moisturizer I have been using for about 3 years (which said ON THE TUBE it was non-comedogenic) as I decided to Google the list of ingredients, only to find 3 of the ingredients were potentially pore-clogging!

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I was thinking about diet alright

In order to lose weight I went on a diet about 18 Months ago and started exercising more
I had had a few serious breakouts before this

I lost about 20KG of which I have put on about 5kg again since
I am trying to cut down on bread and dairy products and increase water intake

Other than that my diet it healthy fruit veg and lean meat 

I have started a new skin regiment using a basic drug store  toner with salicylic acid and a 5% benzoyl peroxide cream
I only use it on my forehead at the moment as thats the worse area
It made my spots very angry at first and looked much reder but I am hoping it maybe working
The spots are no longer raised 
I am hopeful  but its early days

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well if the aim of the game was to dry out my skin that has worked

I keep thinking its making a difference but then - nothing 
As I said the spots arent raised which lets me to think I may need to ad some retinol product to reduce redness in the spots

I also may ad wither aspirin or zinic to my diet and see if that helps

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Drying the skin out is probably just making everything more angry and upset.
Try something more natural?

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I had issues with my forehead and recently cut out all dairy and have had great success. Limiting dairy was not enough, I had to stop eating anything that contained it. 

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