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I've recently stopped using anything on my face that might contribute to clogging my pores, including a moistursor that said in was non-comedogenic (but upon research had at least three ingredients that were pore-clogging). Regardless, I just don't want to be putting stuff on my face that lists endless ingredients I can't even pronounce.

So what can I do regarding SPF for when I'm out in the sun/on holiday? I've been dabbling with essential oils and also using glycerin so is there an essential oil I can use that is high in SPF?

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Try mineral SPFs. There are a variety of asian ones, but my personal favorite is by Maxclinic. Bonus is that it keeps your face from getting oily throughout the day.

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LOVE mineral sunscreens! look for ingredients like zinc oxide in 20% concentration or more, and titanium dioxide. These together work to protect against UVA1, UVA2, and UVB rays.

Chemical sunscreens are the ones that are harmful to your skin/ get absorbed into your bloodstream/ are proven to be hormone-altering ingredients. Those are ingredients like octoxinate, oxybenzone, etc.

I really like this Juice Beauty moisturizer I've been using! It contains spf 30 and all- natural ingredients. Hasn't aggravated my skin at all, and forms a nice protective layer on my skin. :) 
I actually wanna compile a list of safe sunscreens for acne prone skin for my blog, so I'll come back to this thread!

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