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Skin damaged from chemical peel what should I do?

So...About a year ago,I had decent looking skin not as bad as it looks now.I had the occasional break out every now,and than. However I was working at a restaurant at the time(I'm in sales now)and grease from a fryer splashed all over my face,eyes..etc

Which resulted in PIH on my cheeks,and on my nose.It definitely messed with me mentally.I tried a few AHA,and BHA...I just wanted a quick fix.3 months later,the PIH is still sitting in the same place. I come a cross something called a "Chemical Peel" it seems like a quick fix,and I end up abusing it and living it on there for longer than needed.

My face eventually turns white,and has significant severe chemical burns. The chemical burns go away after about a month. However they come back a month later,and now my face is scarred on my nose and on my cheeks.

Can anyone relate to this? Can anyone recommend me anything? I've been using the standard AHA,Sun screen,Vitamin C which has minimal results. 


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Stop doing peels, goto the doctor (dermatologist or plastic surgeon), it seems you have majorly scarred your skin worse. 

There are no "quick fixes." Scars are never one and done.

I would look into counseling, this seems more emotional than physical (" It definitely messed with me mentally ").

PIH and scarring at this level is dealt with vascular lasers for pigment. 

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