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Breakout after 95% clear skin 3 months in to Ziana. Help?

So I came off accutane at the start of December (was only on a self prescribed super high dose for a month..yes I know it's bad, I'm just adding context. I was on 2 proper courses with my derm but my skin got bad again 4 months in and the derm wouldn't see me.) and have been on Ziana (Treclinac here in Ireland) for around 3 months now.. with the occasional few little spots here and there but easily ignorable.. the Ziana has definitely kept my skin clear but right now out of nowhere I've noticed my skin getting worse..  loads of little pimples,etc.. (nothing cystic). I don't recall having an initial breakout..  can I get one late 3 months in? I haven't changed my routine or eating patterns at all as I'm very serious about weightlifting and eat the same food every day (due to personal convenience and price.)

Any help or advise would be much appreciated! x

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That's weird, because any medicine should only improve your skin by month 3 and you're getting the exact opposite effect, so my take is get on a different medication because this is not working for you... waiting won't help.

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But I don't think I've experienced an initial breakout on Ziana.. this could be it 3 months in? I don't necessarily think it alone was keeping my skin relatively clear.. probably the aftermath of the accutane and now it's wearing off.

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