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Hi all,

So I started using the regimen about 4 days ago. I have only been applying a pea sized amount of the BP once a day, at night, as I wanted to see how I reacted. The first day after using it my skin was fine, and the second day my skin began to get a bit flaky, the third day my skin was VERY oily but also itchy and flaky. Tonight would have been my 4th night of applying the BP but I have refrained because this evening my skin has begun to get quite red. Is this normal for this early on in the treatment? and should I carry on or should I start using it every other night until the redness subsides?

Also it might be good to tell you that a year or so ago I used 5% BP on my face every night for a week with NO moisturiser at all, and one morning I woke up and my skin was extremely dry and flaky and was quite red and swollen. Now I don't know if this means I'm allergic. I'm more inclined to think that this was becuase I really didn't know what I was doing at the time and my skin reacted badly as I applied to much BP too quickly without replenishing any of the moisture that the BP takes away.

So people, was are your thoughts?


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Redness and irritation is to be expected until skin adjusts, so I'd recommend muscling through, but do take it slow. Maybe stick with the pea-size amount for a bit longer before ramping up the dose. By then end of week 3, most people are at the full 2 pumps or full fat finger dosage of BP. 

Moisturize as often as needed to keep skin comfortable and in balance. Maybe pick up some jojoba and incorporate 5-6 drops of this into your night-time moisturizer. Jojoba oil was my son's best friend while he was adjusting, it minimized the redness and dryness. It's a little oily so that's why I recommend mainly for night-time but some people use day and night.

I agree that 5% BP + no moisturizer was not a good idea! As long as there is no blistering or crusting, then you're probably good to go.

Hope this is helpful! :)

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