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Sudden forehead cystic acne for two years

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Hi everyone! 
I am a 20 year old female who never had acne before my sophomore year in college. Then the summer of my sophomore year, I suddenly started getting very large red bumps on my forehead that could not be popped and were painful to squeeze. Squeezing them only resulted in a water-like liquid oozing out. I get them in waves of 5, wait for them to heal, only to have 5 more pop up on my forehead before the previous wave completely disappears. This has been going on for two years.

I have moved in and out of apartments, my parents' house, clean and dirty locations. I don't think I am allergic to any food. I wash my face with cetaphil twice a day and remove my light makeup every night. I sweat a little bit at night, but I used to sweat before this problem as well. I use the same makeup as did before getting acne. 
Could someone please give me some insight? This has been a huge stress in years life :(

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Sounds awful- sorry to hear it! The same thing happened to me at 20. I'm 24 now. Prior to that, I never had cystic acne. Mine ended up being hormonal, so there was very little that could be done. 

You mention you don't believe you're allergic to any foods, but have you tried ruling anything out? The common ones are dairy and gluten, along with processed sugar and excessive salt (which is actually a contributor to cystic acne).

Step 1: for the love of God, don't pop them. Don't touch them. Use a small ice cube to reduce the inflammation if they are painful. Trying to pop them is futile- they're too far below the surface, and you will cause bruising and scarring. Legit. It's so tempting to pop but it NEVER works. You just end up with a red, painful face. 

2. Consider a prescription topical. It sounds like you're losing a winning battle, with new ones popping up on a regular basis. A prescription topical can help you get ahead of the acne. I wish I had gone on one sooner. I'm on tactupump/ epiduo now (Canada / US name).

3. Eliminate known food irritants, and get blood work done. If it isn't hormonal, there's something else that's putting your body out of whack. I was put on an iron supplement at the same time as I started my topical prescription. Dr. Noticed my levels were low, so might as well address all of the things that aren't quite right at once. 

4. If you're using cheap make up daily, drop that s*** like a bad habit. Find a hypoallergenic/ acne friendly line, and start new with clean brushes. You'd also be surprised the world of difference that quality make up can make. You use less and it works better. 

Best of luck!

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