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Bernie Thompson

Gonna start my accutane journey tomorrow any tips for this one. i read a lot about it and some of the reviews really scares me :( Hope somehow it helps somebody out there

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First and foremost, stay happy and optimistic. This is good for your mind and body. I will list some things below as it is nicer than paragraphs. 

(1) Taking your pills with or just after your highest fat meal of the day. 
(2) Moisturise twice daily ( I use fragrance-free everything ), and make sure that you apply your moisturiser to your skin when it is still damp ( just after you have dried it. This ensures that the moisturiser soaks into the skin and doesn't just sit on top of it. I think the thicker the better. My skin is never dry using Cetaphil! 
(3) Avoid the Sun and alcohol. 
(4) This, like everything, varies: Try eliminating dairy, and gluten. You may be able to eat things with dairy and gluten but they may not be good for you. 
(5) Exercise lightly, don't do anything excessive though. 
(6) Try and sleep well. 
(7) Look up "Nina and Randa" on YouTube. They cured their acne without medication. They are amazing and are vegans and can provided recipes and other things. They videoed their journey. 
(8) Change your bed sheets weekly. 
(9) Use fragrance-free laundry washing liquid. 
(10) Avoid touching your face. 
(11) I would avoid waxing until after a couple of months after Accutane. 
(12) Stay stress-free. 

Good luck! Keep us posted! 

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