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New Davin Lim Scar Video 2017: Subcision, Filler, Lasers, TCA Cross, Microneedling

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Hi All,

Acne.org does not promote Dr. Lim, I share this for educational purposes to give you a insight to the treatments we advocate here in the Scar Treatments sub. To give you both sides, Dr. Lim is great with his videos and scar knowledge, but a few members have not been happy with their treatments with him. We all heal differently, and mistakes can happen, I have had experts do damage with lasers to my skin. The nice thing is the information shared in this video can be done locally at your nearby Dermatologist  / Plastic Surgeon. Checkout the FAQ in my signature below to learn more about these procedures. The greatest change I have seen consistently is through Nokor traditional subcision, followed by a filler session (can be at a latter date to prevent tethering). TCA Cross for large pores and Icepick scars, and tca peels and microneedling for boxcars / rolling scars. Laser has caused many damage (fat loss, etc). Please be aware I am not advocating for you to fly to AUS and get laser done. 

Enjoy, BA!


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