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Three Months on Regimen - Dryness and AHA+

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I have been on the regimen for almost three months. My skin is slowly improving, but it's definitely not clear yet. While I am aware that my skin will continue to be dry until it adjusts, it's a bit frustrating. I use Jojoba oil in my moisturizer at night, but not in the mornings. While it's helped the dryness, it's still hard to deal with and prevents me from wearing makeup. Would the next step be to add in the AHA+? I own a bottle of it but have not used it yet because I am very busy and am afraid of dealing with the irritation/itchiness that may occur during initial use. Would it help the dryness go away? Also, if I do start using it, what is a good way to slowly incorporate it into my routine? 

I appreciate any help.

Thanks :)

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I got irritated the first 3 times using AHA+ (Completly red) - After 1.5 month of regimen

But it helps by smoothing the skin and the scars (hyperpigmentation).
You sould mix Moisturizer and AHA+ to begin if you're scared! :)

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Start out 1-2 nights a week by mixing aha and moisturizer and adding a few drops of jojoba oil. This has helped my skin so much to recover from the dryness. Once your skin gets used to the AHA, then you can eventually start using it 4-5 times a week and have have some nights where you use it in place of the moisturizer.

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