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Attacking Acne and Oily skin with Liver cleanse

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Hello everyone. I'd like to share with you my so called acne story and the possible cure.

I am 27 years old male who is battling acne since high school. A few years ago, I was also "blessed" with sebum overproduction, or what is simply known as "oily skin". Most of you are probably familiar with this problem, when you have to wash your face every hour or so because your forehead and nose are covered in oil and you feel very uncomfortable around other people.
The acne problem could be described as very annoying, and definitely bad enough to destroy my self-esteem in combination with oily skin, but dermatologist that I visited said that it's not really a big deal, as I just have a few pimples. That's kind of true, however most of the time, pimples are forming almost every 2-3 days all over the jaw area, under and on the nose(more on this later), and of course on the forehead. Occasionally pimples would show up on the cheeks, but not often really.

So, for years I have been looking for a solution that would "cure" my acne problem and enable me to have some kind of life. I tried the following:
1) Accutane - Cured the problem completely but created a new one:  skin so dry that was peeling all the time and made me look like a leper. After giving up on this, I'm really thankfull that I don't have any permanent side effects.

2) A bunch of creams prescribed by dermatologist - Didn't help at all. Now when I think of it, dermatologists are the worst scum. At the time I didn't know much about the source of acne and would listen blindly what would they tell me. When I asked, "OK, what if these creams doesn't work?", my  dermatologist replied with: "well, it's probably hormones then and we can't mess with that". So, her answer let me believe I shouldn't even think about hormones because they are supposed to work themselves out. 3 years later, I found that I have a problem with one of the hormones which indicated I could develop a serious decease if not treated right away. I was very angry at that point because she didn't even want me check my hormone levels, and I could have started treating the underlying issue years ago. Unfortunately, the hormon in question wasn't really connected with my acne problem, but it's now under control with the medication that my doctor prescribed.

3) B5 vitamin - I was taking this for a month and a half in a very high dosage. At first I was breaking out like crazy, later I noticed that I wasn't getting any pimples in the jaw area but forehead wasn't spared. Oily skin was somewhat reduced, but I still had to wash my face very often, so I gave up and soon everything was like before.

4) Diet - One day I decided that I want to lose a few pounds and started reading about keto diet. Sounded easy, lose the carbs, eat fat. It started giving good results, I lost a few pounds, but soon I gave up. It didn't help my acne problem at all, neither I was expecting it to help, I just wanted to lose weight. Few months later, I felt again like I need get back on the keto diet, but this time I decided not to eat cheese. What happened next was a miracle. After few days, I noticed that I wasn't getting any new pimples. For the whole 3 weeks that I managed to stay on this diet, I didn't get one pimple. I couldn't believe that it's dairy, the main cause of my suffering. But it wasn't that simple. It's not just dairy, by experimenting with different food, soon I learned my other acne triggers: glutten, and some nuts. By avoiding dairy, glutten and nuts I could be acne free. However, that means eliminating like 90% of the food, and each time I tried I failed after a month. It's really really hard, and I just don't want to spend the rest of my life inspecting every bite and fear of pimples. Also, I didn't help much with oil reduction.
4) Potential solution - Liver cleanse. So, at this point, I knew that I'm looking for a permanent solution that will clear my body from the inside out, and I came across liver cleanse. This is something that I really believed in after reading a book about it, but I guess I didn't follow the instructions completely. I'll try to explain. In order for a liver cleanse to be successful, it is mandatory to clean the colon before and after the liver cleanse. However the hydro-colon therapy was too expensive for me, so I decided to go with an alternative - drinking Epsom salt mix with water every day for 3 weeks. Well, I did that for 10 days and on the 10th day cleansed the liver. Then, I did the liver cleanse 2-3 more times, without any colon cleansing before or after the liver cleanse. So, was it worth it ? It didn't help with my oily skin one bit. Acne? Same as before. However, one very interesting thing happened. Pimples on my nose stopped completely showing up. For years, I used to get one or two pimples almost every third day on my nose. But after the cleanses, nothing. But, I didn't want to continue with cleanses because I thought I could make more harm than good without good preparation, so I waited.

So, finally I am in the position to afford hydro-colon therapy and the plan is to continue with liver cleanses. Sorry for the long text, but I just wanted to document everything that I've been through and prepare myself mentally for the upcoming liver/colon cleanses. The plan is:
1) Tomorrow(Monday) I'm starting with a liver cleanse diet that lasts 6 days. On the sixth day(Saturday), liver cleanse is performed.
2) On Thursday, Saturday(before the liver cleanse) and next Monday(after the liver cleanse) I'm going to have hydro-colon therapy sessions.

I'll probably update you guys on Sunday after I recover from the cleanse and see if there's any progress. in the meantime, feel free to ask me anything.

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