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My isotretinoin journey

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Hello to anyone reading this. I've decided to log my isotretinoin experience so I can reference it in the future. 

Was prescribed isotretinoin at 20mg a day. Currently on day two. 
I am male, 180lbs. 

Was given prescription with no initial blood work done. Paying for the whole experience out of pocket. 
So far for first month:
$145 for dermatologist visit/consultation
$190 for 30 pills at 20mg (claravis) from Costco

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Day nine. 
Finally noticed a side effect from the medication. Dry lips. Uncomfortably dry lips. Disturbing to look at dry lips. Skin is as oily as I have ever seen. Started the treatment  with five active pimples and plenty of white heads (15 plus). Now down to one active pimple and a few white heads. 

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Day 38 
Have been on 40 milligrams of Claravis daily for the past eight days. 
No blood work done yet and already into my second month. 

Prescription was filled at costco and still paying for everything out of pocket. 
Cost of Claravis: 30 pills at 40 milligrams each= $267 dollars
Cost of doctor visit= $95 dollars. 

Not a single blemish on my face. I notice my nose getting a bit oily again where as in a week ago I was what I would say dry. 
No back pain, no nose bleeds or change in sight. My mental state I have noticed has changed. I get very pensive/sad and sometimes cry.  My lips are as dry as EVER. 

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An update. 

I have been on 80 miligrams of myorsan for the past 3 months. Still have till end of this month and one more month of isotretinoin to go. My lips are so dry and have developed eczema on my arms. Doctor has given me a topical for the dry patches on my body. Do have lower back pain. No bloody nose just a very dry feeling inner nose. I've lost 20 lbs these past 3 months. I've been so confident with how my skin is that I have been going to the gym consistently. Even started dating someone. Still get acne here and there. 
Stopped going to Costco to fill the prescription because their prices were too high. Found a pharmacy in Santa Monica, ca with far better prices. Doctor ordered blood work done gain this month. 

Cost of doctor visit:
60 pills at 40 miligrams each= $300
blood work= $250

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