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Should I Use Acne.Org ?

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I'm 14 years old and have had internal struggles with my spots for about 3 years. My skin's never been perfect, but I feel like my skin has recently been getting worse and I can't seem to pinpoint why. A couple of months back I ask my regular doctor if I Could go on medication to help my skin. She said my skin was perfect and that I shouldn't do anything. But that was then. I simply have those mini bumps all over your skin that worsen the skin's texture did you can't see unless you're out close. I've never been to a dermatologist but i know that most of my dark marks and spots are due to my constant picking at my skin. I know it's he worst but I just can't help myself when I see a spot, even if I know popping won't do any good. My skin isn't the worst which is why I don't know if I should risk it with this regiment. My greatest fear is that my sensitive skin will react to these products and get worse. But I'm so tired of feeling like i have to wear tons of makeup to go out. I really need another opinion, Should I use Acne.Org ? 

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The Acne.Org Regimen works for mild to stubborn and severe acne. Your case would probably clear quickly with only a small amount of BP. Acne unfortunately is one of the side effects of adolescence and raging teen hormones, although not all teens experience an inflammatory response to their hormonal changes, which is why some teens are acne-free and others not.

If your acne is only mild, you could try Stridex pads (salicyclic acid) and see if this helps. It's milder on skin than benzoyl peroxide and can help mild cases. If your acne doesn't respond to this after a month or so, then I'd go for the Acne.Org Regimen. My son started using Stridex pads when he was 11 and this kept him clear for a couple of years until it wasn't keeping up with the breakouts anymore and we switched to the Regimen when he was 13. He's 15 now and still does the Regimen every day, and it's doing a great job keeping him clear.

Good luck with whatever you decide! :)

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It sounds like your acne isn't bad at all the way you describe it. My recommendation  is don't do the regimen because it's time consuming, annoying with the very dry skin  from BP and using BP is okay but may worsen things in long run.

If i were you is to use the Acne.org cleanser (because it's very good cleanser and cheap too!)
and then to moisturize use Dual action moisturizer with sailcyclic acid.
Find a Sailcyclic acid cleanser
and a good non-comedogenic moisturizer        

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Thanks so much for your replies ! I will definitely try to use the methods suggested before going out and doing the entire regiment. I've recently ordered the Acne.Org Cleanser as a start and will try out the pads and a new moisturizer with it as well. I hope to see some results ! If not then I will definitely consider starting the regiment. This was very helpful so thanks again ! 

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