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semi-post cystic acne help

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Hello all,
I am a 27 year old male and I spent most of 2015 having flu symptoms and also developed severe cystic acne. There were a number of things that happened in my life that year and I can only assume this was the result of stress. Never having a blemish on my body, my chest and back are now permanently scarred. The scars aren't as bad as the rest which is a little bit of remaining acne and also what I am coming here to ask about - it appears I have white "puss?" left under the skin that has healed over. They are white bumps and if I managed to squeeze some of them, the white substance will come out, it's like squeezing a white head but it is more of a solid, like it had dried. Granted, I don't want to do more damage than what is already done so I won't squeee them, most of them aren't able to break that way anyway.
I am wondering what exactly this is and why it's still there and how I can get rid of it. I have no luck researching it, most people just end up with scars or discoloration. I have attached pictures to show what I mean. They are only on my chest, my back is all scars.
Keep in mind, my acne was 10x worse than this with unbearable pain and bleeding so I consider this mostly healed even though there is some left over that won't go away.

Thanks for any info



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Are you currently taking any medication or supplement? or used any products on your body? It could be an allergic reaction….. You should go get check right away! I don't think stress would cause that much of amount of acne on your body. I regretted not going to see a doctor for my face acne sooner and now I'm left with acne scars. I had to use herbal medicine to cure my acne. 

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The white marks are not scars, everyone seems to think that but if you break one open or squeeze it (extremely hard) there is a dry puss that comes out as like a paste. So this stuff is trapped under the skin and the only way to get it out is as I mentioned but there are too many of them and it's thick healed skin over top. Not sure why this has not happened to anyone else.
This is the main reason I made this topic, it's what has resulted from getting rid of most of my cystic acne. It's not scarring or a reaction, it's leftover puss healed over and dried, and you can still see it and it doesn't appear to fade over time. Problem is, I don't think it ends well for the ones I manage to break open.
My question is why is this stuff staying under my skin after my skin has healed fully, shouldn't it fade away in to my body? It's been well over a year.

You haven't seen how much acne I had, my entire chest and back was bleeding in 2015. The dermatologist glanced at it, barely looked at it at all, they said it was cystic acne and sent me for bloodwork and after that they denied giving me any meds. My normal doctors just tell me they don't deal with skin issues so they shrug it off.
But regardless my skin looks 100x better now, just don't know why  the white stuff is there.

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Thanks, it seems helpful
but the dried sebum? After reading, it's usually on the skin or in pores. But how do I get rid of it if it's deep under the skin? Are you saying that detoxing will help with this?


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