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I'm a 16 year old girl who's been suffering from acne ever since I was 11. 
I can even remember the beginning days when I used to complain about one or two pimples, and make such a fuss out of it. 5 years on and my face is covered with cystic acne. Not only that, but my back and chest too.
i cannot even begin to describe the emotional effects that acne has created for me. Even when I had slight pimples, I could always walk out the house without makeup on. 
Once I reached 14, my acne began to get so severe, and began getting worse from then on. 
let me begin by talking about how my life has gone downhill due to my face.
i cannot even talk about my acne without bursting into full blown tears. The thought of stepping out my front door without my face covered in foundation and concealer makes me want to jump off a bridge and die. Despite the fact that I'm forced to wake up earlier than the average teenager just to have enough time to apply makeup on my face isn't bad enough, you are still able to see the massive bumps from my huge pimples and blackheads. The sun is my enemy, and I always choose to sit away from window seats in class or to even walk in the sun without my hood on. 
I was always a confident girl. I knew that once I walked in a room that all eyes would be on me (I was a lowkey vain person lol) 
now due to my acne, I stopped going to the gym and actually going out in general. I avoid people and public places as much as possible, which soon made me bound to the four walls of my bedroom, causing me to gain weight and losing all of my friends. 
i never thought in my life that I would turn out to be unsocial, lonely and having severe confidence issues in my life.
acne has also brought me to the point were I do not take photos anymore. 
From being a selfie queen, and finding ever excuse to dress up and take pictures, to avoiding family gatherings and events all together of the fear that someone will say the words 'come, let's take a picture'
i don't even sleep over at any of my friends houses since 2014, I also do not even stay at my relatives houses either. Sometimes I try to avoid sitting downstairs with my family, because deep down I don't want them to be disgusted by my face.
i can no longer talk about my acne to my parents as they always get annoyed with me.
its not stress or makeup that's causing  my acne.
ive tried, tetracycline, acneside, I wash my face with Cetaphil, tried every damn homemade face mask, every diet, tried to drink lots of water and even tried to work out, but nothing has helped. 
Im currently on doxycycline in my third week and nothing has changed. It's actually made it worse. All I want is my doctor to prescribe me with accutane so I can actually be garunteed with results.
my teenage years are slowly slipping away whilst watching other girls my age enjoy themselves. 
When will I ever be released from this sentence.

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I had moderate to severe acne for most of high school, but it didnt bother me that much until college. I broke out my first semester of college pretty bad and it left me with scars that have ruined my life. The scars I got from that breakout my first semester of college have made me incredibly insecure. I am a junior in college now and it is safe to say that acne and acne scars have ruined my first two years of college so far.

You are only 16 so you can have great years of youth ahead of you! Its so exciting! Soon you could be prescribed isotretinoin and after 5 months of taking the medication you will have clear, healthy looking skin for college and beyond. I know how you feel, so many times as I was reading your message I could relate. Before you get indeted scarring be as proactive as you can. If the antibiotic doesnt improve your skin in the next week see your dermatologist without makeup and ask if isotretinoin(accutane) is appropriate for your skin condition.

I know you might feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel but there is. I think that in 6 months, maybe even 3 months or less, you will be looking back at acne as a thing of the past. But your right, isotretinoin is your best bet at getting clear and staying clear for good.

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Feel the same way, been struggling since fifth grade, now I'm a senior in high school and I'm still struggling. My acne only gets worse and it makes me feel so bad about myself and just depressed. I've tried everything and nothing has helped. Writing this to let you know that your not alone. Hoping your acne goes away soon!! 

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