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Okay so I finally got my referral to the Derm (yay) my last doctor was an ass and didnt think i needed to see a derm so i went to a different one. 

My acne is moderate but consistent currently im using tretinoin and been using Saw palmetto (only 2 weeks now). But the break outs are still poppin their ugly heads up. Ive been on accutane  before but i was lazy (and younger) at the time and did not do the full course (yes i know im silly). I have pcos bt the pill never worked and ive taken alot of different ones. I had a baby last year and my pregnancy was not 'glowing' (very oily and congested skin). 

I tolerated accutane well and had no problems with it. My skin cleared up in a month and had a good break from acne for a bit until i had a baby that is.

Ive read spiro helps a lot of women but i have never tried. The doctor suggested to try accutane again but do the full course this time instead of trying spiro. 

Is that a good idea? 


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Came back from the derm and am going back on accutane again will be starting in 2 weeks. Starting on 30mg. The derm says spiro is ineffective apparently and i should go with accutane instead. Got a couple of actives at the moment not big bt consistent. Tretinoin was working in the first two months bt not anymore. It helps with scar fading though. Plus my wrinkles are looking better. 

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