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Any link between acne and magnesium deficiency?

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I was reading about magnesium deficiency and its causes. Some of them are eerily similar to some of the diet related causes of acne. Even stress can cause a magnesium deficiency. Has there ever been any studies on a possible link between the two?

Here's the article I was reading about magnesium deficiency: http://www.ancient-minerals.com/magnesium-deficiency/need-more/

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So many of the substances our bodies need are deeply connected to our bodies' hormonal response, so having too much or too little of anything can certainly impact acne. In addition to magnesium, anyone with severe acne that isn't responding to treatment should have the following levels checked: calcium, zinc, vitamin A, EFAs, NAC, just to name a few. Many with acne are prone to inflammation and deficient in nutrients that keep inflammation down. Sometimes correcting an imbalance along with a sensible skin-treatment plan like the Acne.Org Regimen can make all the difference.

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I've seen and felt an improvement in my body, face, and mood since starting zinc.  I started magnesium glycinate (not a full dose daily, though) about a month of so after the zinc and I feel as though that's working very well, too.  I had a full blood panel done and learned I was very deficient in zinc.  My endocrinologist wanted me to take folic acid since I was low in that, but I broke out after taking it.  My magnesium was borderline so I started that on my own.  I'm learning that nutritional deficiencies truly screw a person up...body and mood. 

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