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Wait till 22 at least for laser "I suggest fraxel". Your skin still has amazing healing abilities at your young age. I've seen people with hefty icepicks scars, go on acctuane, and few years later their skin has recovered dramatically; texture wise. I don't have advice for people who are on medication to heal their acne, as I've never been on it for that purpose. I'm just saying, wait till you're older before you decide on laser treatments, your skin will heal on its own. If you were 30 I'd give you a different answer,

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Consider getting on isotretinoin. This stuff gives some people negative side effects but it will get you acne free. Ask your dermatologist about it; tell her that you are afraid of further scarring so want to prevent further breakouts. Isotretinoin will prevent further breakouts, it's the only medicine that really works

Ask your dermatologist about tretinoin cream. This stuff will improve the quality of your skin and prevent acne. 

Remember to moisturize a few times a week....I've become bad at this recently but when I do it my skin looks better, healthier.

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I would see a dermatologist and get started on isotretinoin. I've had a course and despite manageable side effects, it really works. Can't recommend it highly enough.

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