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My acne Problem

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My name is Allanna and im 14 years old . I have had a problem with acne for a long time. When I first starting see acne on my skin i was twelve years old yes a preteen. At first I thought it was an allergic reaction and i thought id I just take medicine it will go away. But over time I noticed that it was still there . I went and asked my mother why did I have these bumps on my face and she told me that it was acne and we went out to the store and bought some washes. I started using the washes and i began making a routine to wash me face every night and every morning, but as time went on nothing was working. I tried everything from African black soap to baking soda scrub and nothing worked and when it got worse i was starting to be self confident and i didnt really like talking to people or standing up for a presentation. That's when I learned about acne from a fellow you tuber named Alyssa Forever and she told me about her acne problem and how she got rid of it. I hope that acne .com can help me with my problem so  I can get rid of my acne once and for all.

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Yes, start using the Regimen and educate yourself with all the good information on this page! It will work!  

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My son is your age and dealing with the same thing since age 11. The Acne.Org Regimen helped clear him up in about 4 months! See if your parents will order the kit for you. I'd also recommend asking them to take you to see a dermatologist who can determine the severity of your condition and make further recommendations.

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