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Two month update

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Hi everyone, 
i just wanted to leave a note about how the regimen has helped me. A year ago as I turned 29, my hormones went berserk and I started getting huge painful cystic acne all over my face. Started out on my jawline and then migrated to my cheeks as well. I was depressed, self conscious and always in a bad mood. I stopped going out and I don't wear make up, so I just secluded myself from everyone. My periods were fine and I had no other symptoms so I wasn't sure what was going on. I was also getting big pus-filled pimples that took forever to go away and left unsightly marks. Basically, nothing was working and I didn't want to take oral medication because pills don't suit me (I've tried before). I thought of giving the regimen a try with zero hopes. Lo and behold, week 1 brought an impressive improvement. All existing acne shrank and skin felt smooth. Of course, still had cystic bumps underneath the skin and red marks but overall looked better. I didn't bother about dryness/burning/flakiness because I knew it would all settle down. I only use half an index finger of BP and only at night. I continued to see improvement but around week 4-5 I broke out mostly on my chin. But this time, the acne was coming to a head quickly and going away soon. Now at week 8, I have never been this clear. I still get 1-3 small ones at mid-cycle and before period, but as long as I leave them alone, they dont bother me. I have also felt cystic bumps coming twice but they are barely noticeable and go away in 2 days Without becoming huge and painful. I'm very scared that this will not last and my skin will become used to the BP and break out again. Basically, I don't ever want to go back to those days as it affects me emotionally and I stop living my life as a young woman should be living hers. I have never had 100% clear skin and that's not my pursuit even now but I can't deal with cysts. I'll gladly take the 1-3 I get now  but I have a nagging feeling that this will not last. What do they say about nothing gold can stay?

Anway, I encourage anyone reading this to try it out (I didn't even use Dan's BP. Just got a huge tube on Amazon). Please try this , be regular and start slow. Manage your expectations and you might be pleasantly surprised in a few months! 
Good luck to all!

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