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Cleanser is too drying for my skin?

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Hi guys. I have recently purchased the acne.org cleanser and I have only used it on my face twice. Both times my skin felt very dry and taught afterwards. I used the right amount and followed the regimen instructions. I'm not on the whole regimen as I don't believe it to be necessary for me as I have been using BP/clindomycin for a year or so now with great success and had been getting along with my own regimen. However, I am still prone to breakouts but the biggest problem I have is clogged pores. I have recently been doing my research looking to "tweak" my existing regimen and have found that my usual cleanser contains quite a bit of alcohol which I figured can't be good for my skin and could be irritating my skin causing more oil production, and subsequently clogged pores. I thought my existing cleanser was maybe too drying and I am prone to dry patches and flaking from the bp but it has never made my skin feel as dry or taught like the acne.org cleanser. I do moisturize with Nivea daily essentials oil free moisturizing cream but after using the acne.org cleanser it doesn't seem moisturizing enough. I am not interested in purchasing the acne.org moisturizer as it contains jojoba oil and I have always broken out from putting any oil on my face, comedogenic or not.

Does anyone else find the cleanser too drying? Is it better to use less than 2 pumps?

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The Acne.Org cleanser is my least favorite product because it's a little drying IMO so I don't use it, although my son uses it with no issues. I think it just depends on the user, some really like it and others just don't. Try using only 1 pump and see if your dryness improves. FYI, warm water is my personal favorite cleanser! |::)

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I found the cleanser a bit drying as well. I remember earlier when I started the regimen, my face would be so tight after washing my face with the cleanser, and my chin would be really dry and flakey. Then I changed the cleanser and my face wasn't dry anymore so I knew that was the problem.

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