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Sebborheic Dermatitis/Psoriasis/Eczema etc. Part I

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It is weird to be back on this website after not being on it for so long, but it is good to be back. Actually, not particularly. I would rather not be. 

Anyway, I have had a condition akin to sebborheic dermatitis for some time now. It is characterized by flaking, irritated skin that is as hideous as painful. It sometimes hurt to simply eat because of the way it stretches your skin. It used to be much worse and would cover my entire face, sometimes fluctuating to the point of my face being completely covered in flaking dry skin that would fall off. The only way I knew to help was to refrain from shaving and to sleep, allowing the skin to heal. 

After I left that command (because I am in the military) my skin got much better. But is still not close to being healthy by any capacity of the word. The problem areas that I mostly get now is the spot beneath my bottom lip, my upper lip, and the creases around my nose. Oh, and the space between my eyebrows as well.

It is still painful, it still fluctuates, it still dries, and even though it's not as bad as it once was, I am still not happy, and I need a cure. I have not visited the doctor here because I am worried about a condition quite possibly hurting my military career but it is something I need to conquer if I have any desire to become a normal human being again. Anyway, I will write more when I have more information and a plan that does not fall to liquid as soon as it is created. 

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