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MD STUDENT TIPS, with experience

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Created my own topical ointment that helps batttle acne scars and restore new vitalize skin.

2 basic treament during a day. One oil based and one water based.

Oil based consist of 3 oils, natural cold pressed and ecological. These are 1. rape seed oil, grape seed oil and sesame oil. massage in during the day for atleast 2 hours before if you want to was off.

Second: facial mask use during night, sleeping. To create this facial mask you need these ingrediants in a solution od destilled water.
1.carboxymethyl chitosan, highest quality for dermatological application.
2. Hydrolyzed marine collagen peptide.
3. hyaluronic acid with molecular weight around 50 kda.
4. R-alpha lipoic acid, water soluble and stabilized.
Mix them into a thick cream, store in the refrigde.

Use dermaroller or derminator machine every 3 week and you would see great results, using 1,5mm in  needle lenght.
Applie the facial mask after the treatment and the day after use the oil base treament.
This is the cure almost for acne i think after to years treatment.

Dont forget that smoking and bad food habits contribute to bad skin texture, so try the healthy life style.

anyone have questions feel free to contact me here or at my email. [email protected]
thank you

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