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please help me. I have been on the regimen for 4 months now and I have been using the AHA acid for a month and my skin is so bad. AND SPRING BREAK IS COMING UP THIS WEEK please help!!!! my skin was great and now it's bad. I'm thinking of just going back to the regular 3 step what should I do?? I'm pretty sure it's the AHA

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AHA increases cell turnover, and also can be irritating. Maybe it is brining latent acne to the surface while causing some excess irritation. It's okay to stop it until your skin calms down! Don't panic, we're all here for ya! 

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Unfortunately some people do (many do not) experience an initial breakout with AHA use until their skin gets used to it! As the above poster advises, I'd stop AHA until things calm down again. Maybe start slower next time. Are you using Dan's AHA+?? 

Hang in there! :comfort:

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Are you using it everyday? 
Every time I abuse AHA, I get my face in a miserable state.
If you're like me, try doing it like once a week and if you have a pimple, dab it just a little on it.
And for now, stop using it for a while, until your face calms down.

Hope your skin recovers in time for spring break! :)

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can someone please tell me how you know when you're using enough BP? like my skin isn't bad but like it's just staying the same and I'm not seeing much improvement am I not using enough? my face is covered and I use 3 pumps at night and 2 in the day what do I do

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