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Day 1 on 40mg Absorica(isotretinoin) 27/F

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Hi everyone! So today is my very first day on accutane and it took a lot of reading of everyone's logs and watching YouTube videos to finally decide to get on medication for GOOD! I am a 27 year old female who's dealt with acne since puberty and have never seen clear skin ever since. Just like everyone else I've tried everything on God's green earth to fix this problem and absolutely nothing helped, not even a smidge. Sad to say it took 27 years to jump on the wagon but hey better late then never. I've heard about it when I was younger but was too afraid of dealing with the side effects. Now that I've done all my research I'm ready to deal with all the side effects, I ordered the acne.org face cleanser, jojoba oil, moisturizer and Dr.Dan's Cortibalm. I feel like I'm ready for battle lol. The only real concern I have is I workout a lot and take supplements such as pre-workouts, fat burners, BCAA, and whey shakes, so is it okay to still take all that while on accutane? And I read about the muscle aches/pains, just how bad is it and is it bearable to still workout? As much as I'm excited to start my journey to clear skin I'm nervous my workout routine won't be the same or non existent. Could someone tell me what worked for them or if anyone gone through the same I would really appreciate that! 

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Ok first of all, joint pain and muscle soreness is a general side effect that people experience but it may be due to other factors such as low vitamin D3 especially because you avoid the sun while you're on isotretinoin. Secondly you can take any supplement you want while on Isotretinoin as long as it isnt Vitamin A in retinol form, this means you can take Vitamin A Precursors and eat as many carrots as you want. 

You should be excited, because Isotretinoin is the most effective treatment against Acne in the world. 

In my opinion, be careful with working out while on Isotretinoin especially if your vitamin D levels are low, you can and might actually break a bone. 

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:new_smiley_48:Well that's not too assuring seeing that I'm training to get into police academy and I do crossfit:new_smiley_20: as much as I want my clear skin I can't imagine not working out as much or missing out but I guess I have to make sacrifices in order to get what I've always wanted which is clear skin for once in my life. Thank you tho
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Hey! I just started on Friday. Cool to find someone going through this at the same time as me. Hope everything goes awesome for you!!

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