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Bacne after quitting the pill - female - PICTURE

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I'm a 20 year old female and I've always had some kind of acne.  I was on the pill for nearly 4 years and went off it 15 months ago. First 2-3 months I was fine but then I started breaking out bad on my face and even worse on my back (before and during the pill I broke out sometimes on my face but never my back). So I still have active acne on my face but my back is simply horrifying. It's not very visible in the picture cause of the lighting but I'm pretty pale and my acne is very red and all over my back, then I usually have from 5-20 bigger red spots that are very visible. They go all from the top of my neck, shoulders(back region) and to the bottom of my back, even the sides!  I have even more not he region that isn´t visible in the photo. Makes me very self concious when I have to undress in a co-ed changing rooms or even when I'm wearing a tank top.

I use this wooden back scrub every day. Shower after exercising. Try to eat healthy. I only add milk(lactose free) to my oatmeal in the morning. 
I'm so close to getting back on the pill but I don't want to since I feel better now off it apart from that. 
I haven´t tested  Benzoyl Peroxide since it's not available where I live.

Another note: I might have PCOS which causes very big hormonal imbalance.


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I dont want parallel your cause of acne with mine but What worked for me was fasting maybe you want to try that. I started to get acne after I started to bulk I reached 200 lbs and I put retin A on my back and even bp but I would still get a spot here and there until I just began to do fasting and drop back down to 185 lbs and honestly no bs that stopped my back acne and scalp acne but just keep that in mind always experiment.

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I used to get at least one new cystic acne spot on my back (after quitting pill) every other day. I was so sick of trying stuff from the derm that didn't work so I tried acupuncture and it has been amazing. I got three in a month and the ones that do come disappear much faster and do not scar. She has also treated the scars. It's amazing!!

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