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Tip for those of you with food allergies that contribute to acne...

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Hello everyone~ 
I made this account just to share this and another post I'll be writing up soon.
So I am allergic to wheat, soy, and peanuts and am also lactose intolerant. So basically it is inevitable that I accidentally eat something I can't. Well two days ago I ate 85% dark chocolate with soy lecithin and something else with soy oil. I heard soy lecithin is ok for people with soy allergies, but it turns out the minority actually can't eat the oil or lecithin (check it out if you have a soy allergy and acne). Anyway, that's not my main point. Basically I broke out within a few hours with huge cysts all over my face. Like, it hasn't been this bad in a long, long time. This was after having rapidly improving skin (I'll share how it happened in my next post). 
So I was trying to stay calm. I bought two big 4L containers of spring water (a good idea if your water is fluoridated--that's horrible for inflammation) and drank about 3.5 L yesterday. I broke my dissolvable vitamin C tablets into smaller pieces and drank them throughout the day for better absorption as they are very high in antioxidants. I bought a high quality, NO soy lecithin 85% chocolate and ate a few squares for the antioxidants. I also ate lots of strawberries (one of the best acne foods - antioxidant load) and wild salmon (for omega 3). I kid you not, after just 36 hours my skin is ALMOST back to where it was pre-incident. 
This all boils down to, after you have a reaction you need to flush that stuff out of your body with a ton of water and eat a lot of antioxidants to fight inflammation. 

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I just posted about an hour ago about the milk and soy thing...I think I may be breaking out because of my diet. I had a back breakout "attack"--I had loads of pizza, chocolate, ice cream...a lot of soy lecithin and whey containing garbage in the 24-48 hours before I broke out. 

Your chocolate comment is interesting. Chocolate is widely debated and tested. They have begun testing it independently from sugar--but I wonder if they have thought to remove the soy lecithin?  Anyway, I am going to begin cleaning out my system to test for food reactions...a friend just recommended I try one of those lecithin-free bars for my testing.

I have not heard before that strawberries help? Do you know of any other [foods] that help?

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