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A mystery

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Hello to all my acne brothers and sisters out there,
my story is very long so that's why i'm not going to tell it all but i'll just say that for about 1 year now i don't eat any kinds of dairy food and I'm trying to limit the amount of sweet I consume because after all these years trying all different kinds of treatments the only thing that really helped me was diet and restrictions. However because I was ill this last week I decided not to go to school and I dared to eat whatever I wanted for that period. Here comes the interesting part- yesterday I ate bread with Nutella and I broke out with 2 cystic pimples which of course made me very sad. That's why today after all i decided to take again something sweet  'cause i wanted to see the effect on my skin. I've eaten two chocolate waffles, 2 bonbons and 1 or 2 other things including one sandwich with melted cheese(which I have noticed doesn't break my out for some reason) as before that i had verified what each thing contained, which to be honest wasn't any different than the content of the Nutella-yes, but that time i didn't break out. And to tell you the truth I expected it because I actually did this "experiment" on purpose as I had noticed before that the  Nutella gives me cystic pimples. So I will be very pleased if you guys tell me what do you think is going on because i have no answer for myself.
Sorry for my bad English i'm not an Englishman.

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I commemorate your determination to do a food allergy test per say, but the variables proposed in the given parameters would be rather subjective due to the hasted analytical analysis.  Your virtually going off a glimpse of time if you try to produce viable data to interpret.

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