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Diet for weight/muscle gain if have acne

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I am a 24 year old male with acne and rosacea. Over the past few months I have been on a strict diet for the skin where I only eat grass fed beef, wild rice, vegetables, avocado, and omega 3 enriched eggs. As a result of this I have lost a ton of weight and I am down to 140 pounds.  My face is much better but still not completely gone. It seems when I deviate and  eat like a normal 24 year old would I pay the price in my face. I have seen a dietitian but she didn't really help. I also had a celiac blood test which came back negative and a food-skin test for over 60 foods, all of which came back negative, so I am not sure which foods cause problems. 

I am eager to gain weight/muscle  back as I am very skinny. The only problem is I am to the point where I can't stand seeing another pimple pop up on my face so I am stuck in the middle here. I am eager to workout but I know that won't do much without a nutrient dense, high caloric diet with a lot of calories.

Has anyone here faced a simalir situation where they are trying to gain weight/muscle(but afraid to eat many foods for fear of breakout) and also trying to clear the skin at the same time?  Does anyone have any diets they would recommend to do so? would anyone recommend the leap mrt test to test for foods?

I think my problem may lie in gut health. Anyone know any tests to confirm leaky gut or candida or any other problems? I read about the 3 day stool sample, hydrogen breath test, etc but want to know if anyone had any personal experience with diagnosing gut problems or healing them. Like many of you I want nothin more than to have clear skin. 

Thank you you so much for any input and help.


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Just cycle your carbohydrate intake day by day.  Have some low days, moderate, and high/refeed.  If anything I felt like intense exercising and weightlifting brought on bacterial based acne due to their inability to adjust to a higher need for personal hygiene.  Most people don't realize how much they sweat and where exactly.

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