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Picked at a pimple that wasn't ready to be popped

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So I've been on acne medication for a couple months now and my skin has been pretty clear lately, so yesterday when I felt a pimple on my cheek start to form, I kind of panicked. It was red and had started off small and barely noticeable at the beginning of the day, only to grow larger and more sensitive by the night. I could feel the pus underneath the surface of my skin and attempted to pop it to alleviate some of the gunk under there, but nothing came out. I kept trying for a few minutes and panicked even more when it became really red and the skin around it turned red as well. This morning I wake up and it's even redder and sore and extremely noticeable. I don't know if I should just leave it alone at this point because I already messed with it, or try to get the pus out of it because I can feel it closer to the surface today. I'm pissed because it's the only blemish on my entire face and it's bothering the hell out of me. Someone give me a suggestion please!! 

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