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Saw Palmetto + Low GI Diet

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Background - Female 38 years old was on Ortho Tri-cyclen for 17 years for severe menstrual cramps.  Within the first year skin went from moderate to mild acne (80% clear with PMS breakouts).  After 5 years was 90% clear.  After 10 years skin was 95% clear and healed VERY quickly, 3-4 days to clear up and much less scaring which faded within 4 weeks.  Coming off the pill skin was still good for 3 months.  After 6 months stopped healing quickly and skin was back to moderate acne; forehead, jaw, chest, back and neck (which I never had in my life).  Mild break outs midway through period, severe breakouts during ovulation (days 14- 18). 

I think I approached starting saw palmetto the wrong way because I started on day 12 of my cycle, probably would make more sense to start first day of your period so you can really judge the PMS breakout effects.  First 2 days took 1 pill in morning and evening and my skin was less oily right away.   On the third day stomach was extremely upset so scaled back to 1 pill a day.  I take it roughly the same time every day (2 hour or so window, was used to this from taking the pill for so many years).  After 1 week has the usual terrible PMS breakout and got frustrated so cut out rice, pasta, potatoes and refined sugar.  I had switched from a mostly vegetarian diet with lots of carbs and sugar to a diet mostly protein meat diet, very little sugar besides fruit and limited whole grains.  I had cut out dairy years ago to lessen the PMS breakouts aside from ice cream twice a week in the summer and two milks in my morning tea.  Back cleared up to75% by end of the week of starting the diet.

I'm now on the 5th week of saw palmetto and 4th week of low GI diet.  It's day 18 of my cycle and the PMS breakout was significantly reduced compared to the last 3 months.  The healing is still very slow and I don't think it will ever get back to the healing I had on the pill, but if the breakouts are less severe it won't be that important.  Other effects are my skin is much less oily but my lips are very dry.  I drink twice the amount of water I normally drink because I feel thirsty more often.

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Day 41 on saw p. Day 27 of diet.  Had small cluster break out by ear on jaw joints (both sides of face) and couple new bumps on my back around 20th day of cycle.  Left side is almost clear (now on day 25 of cycle) right side of face and back more stubborn. Drying it out with baby powder nightly.  Days 15 -20 my skin is more oily but 20 -25 is oliest.  After 3 monthly cycles on saw p. I might take 2 pills a day during 18th to 25th day to combat.  For now sticking with the regime since this is the first full month cycle on diet and saw p together.

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Day 55 on saw p.  Broke out during my period.  5 large spots 1 on back, 1 on chest 3 on face.  Been very consistent with diet, but ate half a kilo of cashews the week before my period so trying to cut back a bit on those and sticking with more almonds and walnuts.  Also drank  A LOT that week which probably made things worse.

Hoping to make it through ovulation with very minimal breakouts, but since this is a long weekend I will be drinking more than usual because of events with friends and family.

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I made it through this cycle without a significant break out.  No deep pitted acne just maybe 5 or so small bumps on face and another small patch on my back near shoulder.  I would say after 4 cycles I have seen a significant improvment and am about 80% clear.

I take 1 saw palmetto extract 160mg a day, the supplements contain flaxseed oil and pumpkin seed oil.
I have been taking for a few years 1,000IU of vitamin D and probiotics.
I wash my face with Dr. Bonners  tea tree soap.
I rub my back with 70% rubbing alcohol every night and morning.
My face, neck and chest I soak and swab a cotton ball with green tea steeped for about 1/2 hour.
After the green tea dries off my skin I put baby powder on any bumps I have.

I have started eating some carbs (mostly whole grains or english muffins) and have a small cookie once a day.


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