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Is it okay to skip the BP/the regimen for a couple days?

I'm going to a winter camp this weekend, I leave Friday afternoon and I'll be back Sunday afternoon/evening. There's a "lights out" time where we all have to be in by by then. I know that I won't have enough time in the morning/night to get ready and do the complete regimen. If I just used my regular facewash and moisturizer (not the regimen) instead on Friday night, Saturday morning and night, and Sunday morning, would it interfere with the process of the regimen? I'm  also worried about the flakiness while at camp, I'd rather make it snow every time I smile, if you know what I mean.:smiley_3:

I'm on the second week of the regimen, nine days to be exact. I've been experiencing some breakouts, but my non-inflammatory acne has been getting noticeably better. My skin has been really irritated, it burns and is bright red when I use the BP. My skin didn't start flaking until a couple days ago, and it's getting worse. I know that this is normal, but I'm wondering if not using the regimen for those two days or so would make things worse or maybe a little better? Should I use a little less BP?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have! I'm very new to The Regimen, and I'm really, truly hoping that it works. Acne is such a hindrance on my self-confidence.

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My advice would be to still do the regimen even during camp. However if it really can't be done, then just be prepared to get some new spots in the coming days.

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