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BC causing acne hasn't cleared up after stopping BC

At the age of 17 with clear skin I started the Mini Pill, I soon developed a pattern of always having 2 or 3 spots on my chin, then 3 years later the brand of mini pill that was available was changed, and I soon developed large cystic chin spots (1 at a time) along with my other 2 or 3 spots. A year later I changed to the Implant and 3 months in I developed mild to moderate cystic acne to the sides of my mouth and chin (in the typical hormonal areas), I waited it out until the 6 month mark and had the Implant removed as my skin showed no signs of getting better. My doctor told me my skin would begin to clear after 2 weeks, it has passed that and seems to be only getting worse, my face now hurts to even smile! 

Has anyone else ever experienced similar? What did you do? Thanks in advance! 

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Hi, I went on Yasmin and it caused a massive break out for me ( I also took a couple of morning after pills in the previous year, spread out about 6 months apart). It has now been about 3 months since I stopped taking any BCP and I am just seeing a slight improvement now - so I think you need to give it another couple of months.

Do your best to support your general health during this time.

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Agreed .  Hormones are trick business and for many , a few months doesn't cut it.  It can take up to a year or beyond to have your hormones settle.  

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