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Nothing Works!

I've suffered from mild acne on my chest (mostly upper), shoulders, upper arms, and back (mostly upper) since I was a middle school. I just turned 22 and I'm so tired of dealing with this ugly acne. Not only does it effect my confidence (especially when it comes to taking my shirt off around people), but it also effects me emotionally as well. It's 2016 and I'm determined to get this under control once and for all. 

I can't begin to tell you the countless number of products that I have tried including Proactiv (body wash), Stridex pads, Neutrogena Body Clear Acne Wash, Murad body wash, Phisoderm, X-Out body wash, Exposed Skin Care body wash, and general salicylic and benzoyl peroxide washes. Some of the products improved the acne a little bit, and others made it worse, or had no effect. I've also tried some of those supplements sold by the same companies. During my teens, my Dr. prescribed me an antibiotic  (not Accutane) but I had to stop taking it because I would throw up from it. 

Currently, I'm using PanOxyl Acne Cleansing Bar 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. I've noticed some results since I started using it a weeks ago. I'm going to continue to use it until the bar is gone to determine if it's helping. I do not use any other products on my body where I have the acne, and we use a gentle laundry soap. Therefore, I know those factors are not contributing to my acne.

I'm considering a chemical peel for these areas (have heard and seen great things from this type of treatment), should the cleansing bar not work. The only downside is that I know you peel with a chemical peel (of course) and it burns for several minutes while you're getting it. Not to mention, it's pretty expensive and only a temporary fix (though I think most treatments for acne are only temporary since it's not actually curable). I'm also thinking about asking my dermatologist if I can try Accutane (it's expensive as well though, and harsh on the stomach). 

I reach out to you fellow acne suffers in hopes of knowing that I'm not alone. What are you experiences with body acne? What treatments have worked for you? What advice can you give me as a person that has pretty much tried it all? I feel like I'm in a war that will never end. Please help me!

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Hey sleepyhead93, my story is pretty similar to yours...not much joy with topicals and what a pain applying them to the middle of your shoulders.  I was OK on antibiotics but regressed after they stopped.  Maybe there is a different antibiotic your doc could prescribe that you could tolerate...wouldn't hurt to ask.  I took Accutane around about your age for about 12 months and it did the job for me so in my opinion is worth thinking about and taking some advice from a doctor/derm.  Perhaps your current regime with PanOxyl will sort you out so good luck with that for starters!

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Try Aztec healing clay it's Amazing and will get rid of it for good. Also there's a new brand of products called hello cider it's on Amazon it's pretty expensive for acne towelettes but boy they do wonders

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