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It's a proccess

Last summer I decided to get my acne under control. Never was one to care much about it. Always thought if other people had a problem with my acne that it was their problem. Mostly for dating purposes and wanting to look the best i could I started spending many hours reading as I am sure many others do. My acne was severe to moderate, all around T line, jaw etc. Some nasty cystic acne a couple times a month. Found so much helpful info on here thought I would tell my journey so far.

First I went on Dr. Neal boot camp regimen. This was brutal, after the first month I could not walk outside into the sun. Sunlight and sweating hurt my face. Acne got worse before it started to improve and I stuck it out for 2-3 months. It made me look like I aged 5-10 years.  During the third month I transitioned from the boot camp to ance.org products. Having the moisturizer in my new regimen was a godsend. Still using the Acne.org products today. 

Prednisone: Being highly susceptible  to poison oak, poison ivy my entire life I have been prescribed prednisone many times and have noticed when on it my acne disappears. I bought $80 dollars of 20 mg pills. I chopped them into fours. Took 5mg a day for one month and 5mg every other day for the second month during the boot camp.

Diet:  I stopped coffee and dairy, reduced sugar. I drink 1/2 - 1 gallon of water a day. In the water I mix Green Super food, Vega (protien and greens) and Anutra grain. I eat meat, a ton of fish, potatoes, carrots celery etc.  I am always trying to gain weight. 

Exercise:  I am an avid runner but was hard if not impossible at times when doing the boot camp. At the gym 3-5 days a week.

I don't use BP anymore, I might for spot treatment if I see the need. In the last two months I might have gotten a couple insignificant pimples. Skin has never been this clear. Now am working on rebuilding my skin. I shave with ance.org cleanser in the morning and use their moisturizer after and before bed.  I bought sulfur soap a few months ago and use it once or twice a day in the shower.

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