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Has anyone had success fasting?

Intermittent fasting will never result in permanent changes, but if you maintain diligence then the positive effect becomes cumulative.  I have at least one day a week that involves a twelve hour fast though I tend to have a few more.  Once you create a routine then it'll become second nature on your chosen day(s).

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On 1/13/2016, 10:24:10, Chloe123 said:

My mother fasts once a year for religious reasons, and she also has acne. During this time her acne nearly completely clears up. However, you cannot do this long term and her acne always comes back. I myself, have fasted before, however i believe the reason my skin isnt oily while i fast is because m dehydrated. Im talking about an extreme fast btw (No eating, drinking for 16 hours. Then one meal and 2L water). 

A recommendation to never make a habit out of overly aggressive fasting restrictions.  I always allow water and I still take my vitamins that can be painlessly digested without food.  Also, if you work out it's crucial that you consume a controlled amount of simple carbohydrates (apples, pears, bananas, legumes).  Most of the saccharides will rapidly undergo glycogenesis to fulfill the immediate energy demands from high intensity exercise.  The rapid conversion will also cause an insulin spike (most potent anabolic peptide endogenously produced), but it's impact is negligible to altering insulin sensitivity and therefore shouldn't interfere too much with lipolytic activity.

You're fasting for the benefits.  You're not fasting for the challenge.  You can still take use of the physiological adjustment if you happen to be precise with your actions. Edited by BaxterMcDoobinson

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