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My Personal Regime/ACV, baby wash & Dan's BP

Hey guys, 

I've come to this forum over the years to browse for tips on treating acne through the years and have definitely found this site useful. With that being said, I thought I would share my regimen with the community. 


Some info about me: I am 28-year-old male with latino skin and have battled acne since I was 12. I have tried it all - benzoyl peroxide, alcohol soaked pads, glycolic acid, oregano oil and the list goes on and on. Previous to my current regime, the most aesthetically effective treatment was accutane but it made me feel deeply depressed after a while and after a year, my acne came back full force, just in time for college! As the years have gone by, I realized that I was definitely doing too much with my skin. Over washing and a revolving cycle of treatments just made things worse. After taking it down a notch, my current regime is very simple and has kept me pretty clear over the past six months:



- 1/2 ACV and water toner applied with cotton pad. Solution left on for a minute then washed off with warm water. After I wash it off, I do a quick once over with another cotton pad but leave the toner on.

- pea-sized application of Dan's BP after toner has dried

- my skin is oily on its own so I don't apply moisturizer but the ACV keeps me balanced



- I usually shower at night and it's usually a post-gym ritual so I make sure to wash my face. I use Johnson and Johnson's baby wash and only wash for 10 secs.

- I have combination skin (dry & oily) so I needed a process to minimize skin flakes. In the shower, I keep ACV toner in a spray bottle,  spray my face a few times and let it sit for 90-120 secs. After that times up, I gently massage my face in circular motions and most times, lots of dead skin cells are lifted off. The first time I did this it felt so bizarre, as I could feel the grainy texture of dead skin covering my hands! Since I do this now on a regular basis it isn't so drastic but feels amazing to come out of the shower with a fresh face.

- Post-shower: pat my skin dry and apply a pea-sized amount of Dan's BP. 


This regimen has left me really clear and I hope this is helpful to others. Reading the testimonials about ACV and Dan's benzoyl peroxide on this site inspired me to pursue this regime and I hope this advice will be useful to someone else too.

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