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Is Reading This Forum A Waste Of Time?

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I come to this forum when I'm feeling alone, sad, hopeless etc. and take comfort in reading the stories and experiences and insights people share here. I usually end up browsing here once every four days--sometimes for a couple hours!  There's so much to read, and when I'm in a desperate state, I get kind of obsessive with late night web research. 


Lately, I've been thinking that this is an enormous waste of time. I've already spent so much time worrying about my own skin... I feel like over the course of a year, all this time spent worrying and browsing this site adds up to nothing... I could have been reading books, or creating music, or hanging out with friends, or just thinking about/planning my future. Should I cut down time spent on this forum, and time spent staring at myself in the mirror, thinking about my skin etc. and try to enrich myself instead? Make myself a better person? I feel like my friends who don't have this mental burden are leaving me behind and accomplishing amazing things and becoming amazing people. I want to do that...


Sorry if this post is a bit unfocused. It's late :(

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It's very good to realize that worrying about your skin won't solve your problems. With that realization you are already further than most other people here. I am working on projects rather than worrying about my skin.

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So I personally come to this particular section of acne.org because I know that it's the most raw section in the forums. This is the place where everyone lets it all loose. This is the place where people share their stories, their experiences and their lives. When I joined these forums years ago I had a need to tell my own story and what better audience to do that then to the very people I know can relate to me. Because the sad truth is for most of us here we don't have anyone in our daily lives that can relate to what I and others in this community have been through. These forums are a sanctuary where we can just get together and talk, just talk no judgement no backlash just a place where we can speak our mind without fear of retribution. So in that regard these forums are not a waste of time.

It sounds to me, that you feel you could be accomplishing more with your time. There is no reason, why you can't visit the org while at the same time better yourself in whatever way you feel you'd like to improve yourself in. It's just a matter of finding way to organize your free time. I myself took a break from this website for quite some time, I think almost a year before starting to visit it again on a regular basis. You can do the same if you feel you have to.



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