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Bumps on butt and inner thigh

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Within the last month I have developed these clusters of red/non colored bumps on my butt that go all the way to my inner thigh. They do not itch or cause me pain in the slightest, they are just extremely embarrassing to have. I've tried acne scrubs, anti inflammatory soap, and tea tree oil but nothing has helped. 


Attached are some (kinda graphic) pictures, but it's just the location of these bumps. Can someone diagnose me?




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It's a tough area for acne because of the constant friction due to rubbing.

A generous amount of 10% glycolic acid should help. Two good options are 

  1. ALPHA HYDROX Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA
  2. Acne.org AHA+

Be as gentle as possible while applying them (if you decide to try them).

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46 minutes ago, WishClean said:

Do you shave or wax? It could be a reaction to that.

I do shave but I have been using the same type of shaving cream for over a year and the same type of disposable razors.

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hmm, they kind of look like ingrown hair bumps to me. I used to get similar ones when I used to shave, but they disappeared since getting laser hair removal.

An exfoliant might help, but I do think it has to do with shaving...

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