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Adult acne. There is nothing I could do to make them two words any less distressing. I know this and you know this. 
As a woman in her twenties I assumed my hormonal  teen days were over, boy was I wrong.

After coming off a progesterone only medication,I noticed in a matter of weeks my skin going from glowing and hydrated to cystic
These weren't your run of the hill white heads, these were red puss filled boils all over my face. I could not understand it. Yea I would get a spot or two here and there but this was so bad my skin was actually painful. After researching on Google (and being diagnosed with a few days to live on many sites;))it was implied it was a common problem due to my hormones balancing out and it would get better. It didn't. 

Here in am 4 months off my 26th birthday and finally now after hundreds of euros and hours of research and medications I am noticing a,dare I say it, big improvement.There are so many fraudulent products out there it literally has taken me a year and a half to finally get somewhere. 

First thing I tried was quite difficult but worth it in the long run. I stopped wearing foundation. As many acne sufferers know we know it isn't helping but it at least allows us to leave the house! Working all week I chose to wear a powder, just so I wasn't washy looking. I can't say it covered any of the red cysts on my face! I allowed myself to wear foundation at the weekend.

Some will say is blatantly obvious but I guess I never thought they were as bad as they were. Make up wipes.
After a couple of weeks of replacing make up wipes with 'Vichy Normaderm Purifying Cleansing Gel' I noticed a massive difference. Even more so than when I had been on antibiotics for weeks! 

I then came across 'Liz Earle'. These products were all natural and not even too expensive. The moisturiser, cleanser,toner all of the products felt better on my skin than facials I had by so called skincare experts! I now cleanse and tone every day and exfoliate and do a face mask every few days as not to over stimulate my skin.

Finally a product which I cannot give enough credit to but is sadly unavailable in Ireland to purchase anymore. For under €5 'Panoxyl 10 acne gel with benzoyl peroxide' is the greatest breakthrough for acne sufferers. 
It is very strong and must be used with caution as it causes redness and flaking if too much product applied, but has it changed my life! 

I hope this has been of some help to someone out there. Just to note my acne was hormonal and I also drink 2-3 litres of water a day. I don't have the best diet but I wouldn't really have a sweet tooth or eat dairy daily. But I always treat myself at the weekend ;). Just in case some people need to think about their diet too. These products helped me alone so always ask a pharmacist if they would recommend before use :)


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