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Hi!! I'm sorry I just had to write this down. 
This is probably the greatest acne day of my life. Please take time to read :)

I was so excited this day because I was going to have my first ever dermatologist appointment. I asked my MOM to help me out. So we went out, I got a haircut and we immediately proceeded to my apppointment. When we got there the dermatologist asked me questions about different things and I really think that she is the right fit for me because she explains every detail and what I needed to use and things I needed to avoid with the prescription she was about to give. So she observed my acne very acne well and finally prescribed me the medication I needed to use. SHE PRESCRIBED TO ME ACNETREX(should be taken 3 times a day after breakfast) which is also I think the same with ACCUTANE together with a cleanser,sunscreen and moisturizer . I was very happy because accutane/acnetrex has worked wonders for people with acne. But sadly when we asked their assistant in the clinic about how much it will cost, it was just so expensive and we just can't afford the medication. I really felt disappointed and also was about to be depressed once again. 

My mom was telling me that she was worried about the side effects that it may cause to my health. But I was so frustrated that I didn't even bother talking to her. So as we were about to go home, I was still silent and didnt want talk to anyone, she suddenly pat my back and said "I'm very sorry son if only we had enough money to be able to buy those medications..." WOW. I WAS SHOCKED. I WAS TOUCHED. I WANTED TO CRY WHEN SHE SAID THAT. Acne made me realize this. People you love will support you in the best way they can, especially your family. I really felt her love as a mother. I may be over reacting but just the look on her face when she said that was just priceless, she really felt bad for me. ;(  I told her that I completely understand and the medication was really expensive. 

So we decided to visit another dermatologist just before we get home. She said that the dermatologist we were about to consult was a good one because he has been working for 29 years already and his prescriptions are also very effective but doesn't have to be very expensive. This dermatologist was very different from the other one he just asked what face wash I was using and when I said the brand name he was like " What is that? I never heard of that" Then he examined my acne and observed that I have marks and dark spots and my skin was oily too. So with that he prescribed me ACNEWIN SOAP and DUAC GEL which was to be applied only every night. I'M REALLY PRAYING TO THE LORD OUR GOD THAT MAY THESE MEDICATIONS IMPROVE MY SKIN. :):D

When we were home, I really wanted to thank my mom for her support but it was really awkward. Nonetheless I still did it and told her "Thank you,Mom:)" and she said " It's alright son. :) " This day showed me my mother's unending support for me. She is just the best mom I could ever have. I may be unlucky for having acne but I'm more than fortunate to have my mom!! :D

I will use what the dermatologist prescribed me and go back after a month for another apppointment. HOPE IT WORKS WELL SO THAT THINGS MAY GET BETTER!! :D


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