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When can I return to a normal diet?

Following an extremely strict, holistic approach has cleared my face close to 100%. The results have done nothing but improve my confidence and make me feel more whole again. I can finally look into the mirror and smile instead of pop the dozens of zits. That being said, my diet is very taxing. Will I ever be able to reintroduce certain foods that have caused me problems in the past? The challenges that come with a grain-free (even whole grains break me out) life are hard to deal with and I sometimes catch myself craving sweets or other bad carbs. Will my body eventually be able to heal or am I just stuck with these food sensitivities?


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You are correct, you cannot eat food that causes acne, or you will have acne.

There are discussions on the site about whether you are allergic sensitive or intolerant of a food.  Allergic reactions are fast, sensitivities may not show up for 3 to 4 days.  For example, a coworker in my past suddenly started becoming very sick at random times.  So he went to the doctor, and specialists, and finally was told to record his diet.  The result was he was sensitive to cow.  Not just milk.  If he eat any part of a cow, he was very sick four days later.

You are in an ideal situation.  You already have a diet that controls your acne.  Do what competent Doctors and Dermatologists have recommended for decades.  (I am an old guy). 

Pick a food you want to test.
Do not eat that food for two or three weeks.
Then eat a lot of the food you are testing for four days.

You will know if that food causes acne.

This is a slow test, as you can only test one item at a time.

Further, there are many ignorant statements made on this site that a person sensitive to a food (eggs, nuts, fish etc.) should try to add these foods back into the diet, because these foods "are good for you".   You can try this nonsense, and it will fail every time.  You will learn to never eat any food that causes you acne.

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