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Plan B induced acne :Saw Plametto and Spearmint for how long?

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I took plan b in June and I had break out in my chin area. Its most like whiteheads and one cystic acne near my ears. Now my face has a lot of red marks…
I have researched that saw palmetto and spearmint works so I took it last from two days ago. It immediately made my skin less oily. 
But I am concerned about possible side effects. I have read that these two herbs are anti-androgen which inhibits DHT and make testosterone converts into estrogen. This is not good! Also I have read people from in this website saying that when they stopped taking it, they had acne again. 
In my case, my acne is getting better step by step because it was adverse effect from plan b. 
I want to ask you guys. Anyone who had experience with two type of herb. how long have you been taking it? Once you stopped, did that action make you break out? 

Now I have changed my diet totally differently and work out. ( I used to have a lot of sugar and carbs in my diet and did not work out at all) 
But I am going to use only spearmint tea once in a while to get a little help from break out. However, I don't want to depend on those amazing herb because I am afraid of too much estrogen. I would like to give a chance to my body to heal its own way. 

Anyone who took plan B before or used this two herbs, please share your knowledge with other people!! I appreciate it ! 

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I took plan b twice last year, and am now experiencing the worst breakouts ever! I wasn't really getting cystic acne but tons of tiny white heads! I also developed an allergy to a face wash I was using and it made it wayy worse. I took saw palmetto for a few weeks and defiantly saw improvement, but like you I was afraid of messingn up my hormones even more! I can say that the saw palmetto made my ADD much worse, I was having much more trouble concentrating while on it. Is your skin better now? My is slightly better as far as cystic acne goes but I am still breaking out much more then I am used to :/ we can get through this though!! I am drinking tons of water and eating muh healthier and hopefully that will help speed up the process. Also have you heard of dong quai? Supposedly it keeps the estrogen levels from being to low but also keeps them from being to high. I am currently drinking a tea with that and red clover/liquiorice in it hopefully it will help! 

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