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Acne since I was 13

hello all,
this is my first post on acne.org, after browsing and reading all the posts for years. 
I have had acne since I hit the teen years, currently 20 now, severe painful acne all over my back and chest. So bad it would hurt to wear a backpack or rest my back on chairs. I also have deep acne on the back of my neck and currently acne on the side of my neck (few inches below my ears). Acne is also heavily present on chin and lipline. Acne on the sides and top of nose. And fairly small red pimples on forehead. It is painful cystic and pustular acne on my chin area that comes to a whitehead. They can get real big and painful. I tried so many products is so distressing. (Bp, sylicic acid, sulfur, acv, turmeric, glycolic, fish oil, c vitamin, etc)   I'm thinking that it is hormonal since I've had it consistently since I was 13 and am 20 now. Any recommendations for treating this?? Pictures of my chin acne are attached. Please help and give suggestions of things to try to fix my 'hormonal' acne! Please, I am so hopelessly lost in what to do next. Thanks in advance!



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The simplest thing you could do is diet changes for a few months.  Also The Regimen from this website works really well if your skin is not sensitive.

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