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I started accutane without being on the second day of my period

So I have acne on my back which is pretty bad so my dermlatogist pescriped me Accutune pill or whatever you call it here in Australia. Anyway, I was told that this pill should only be taken on the second day of my periods, which was literally in 3 days. So I asked her why we have to wait till the 2nd day I get my periods but she did not really answer and I was confused because I never heard of this rule. So the admin lady told me the only reason she tells you to take it on the 2nd day of your cycle is to ensure that you're not pregnant. I'm 100% not pregnant I'm a virgin, 18 years old. So I was excited to take the pill went chemist and told him if I should wait he said if you're sure your not pregnant then take it but he didn't know much about the pill. All my life my periods have never come on time, their always very late. So when I didn't get my periods the day I thought I would I thought it was normal until I've been taking it for 2 weeks now and have not got my periods and I'm kinda scared to go to my dermatologist because I lied and have not got my periods yet. Do I stop the pill? I've been getting oily skin and really bad back pin and rib pain when I lay down but I was aware I was going to experience these side effects. Why have I not got my periods yet? Should I stop the pill 

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Rubbish.  That is not a reliable way to see if you are pregnant....at all.  They should have had you take a pregnancy test.  Keep on taking the pill as prescribed - with a full meal that has fat.

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