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HELP!!! I am afraid shaving is causeing me more breakouts, when I have I use neutrogina shaving gel/cream with salacilic acid. I dont like this product. I tried Peter Thomas Roths shave gell with BP. I can not use BP it kills my skin. I use all his other products and love them but I dont know what to do about shaving. If I skip a few days, 2 or 3 underneath my facial hair is develope alot more breakouts Why is that? How do I prevent it? Which shave cream/gel should I use, and which razor blazes? I always feel like I am cutting up my breakouts and cause scaring and spreading the bacteria when I shave. I dont want to do anything drastic such as lazor hair removal PLEASE HELP

Peter Thomas Roths producs were really helping my skin clear up, I used them for about a year, then I got gready and I wanted perfect skin, so I tried the murad three step system, it did not work for me, so I am switching back to peter thomas roth, I am trying a new face wash from them... Beta Hydrocy Acid 2% acne wash , does anyone have any ideas, or sugguestion if this is a good idea and what else I should use, I have never used a BHA wash. The murad was sal. acid which did not work, and since I cant use BP, what other options do i have? its been 7 years now.. ive tried proactive(who hasent) ive done everything I am getting scaring, and enlarged pores, my skin is starting to sag because of all the products and I am only 19! any suggestions on how to stop this? I feel like I have saggy, blackhead , breakout skin with large pores! what should I do......


Thanks Stephen sad.gif

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I, too, have always had problems with shaving. In fact, I sued to dread shaving, because I knew I was always butchering my face and slicing pimples and causing more pimples. I have recently found somehting that has really helped the shaving process. I use a pre-shave oil and shaving cream from the Art of Shaving. What I do is shower, cleanse my skin in shower, and then I get out of the shower and apply a generous amount of pre shave oil. Then I lather with the cream. Use a lot of oil, and not too much cream (too much cream will clump up your razor). The oil acts as a buffer between the razor and your skin, and lets the razor glide smootly over you skin and cut your whiskers without slicing your face. The last 2 weeks I cut back on the amount of pre-shave oil that I was using, and the result was nicked skin and more pimples. When I used more oil, I had no more knicks and my complexion was better. Also, make sure you shave in the direction of hair growth (not agaisnt it) and only make one pass with the razor. Don't over-shave your skin - you will break out. Also make sure to wash your skin GENTLY after shaving just to remove the remnants of the pre shave oil. After you pat dry your skin, while it is still moist, apply an oil-free moisturizer to your skin and you are done. Give this a week or two and you should be alright. Oh, I shave every other night to minimize problems. By the way, I am 27 years old with dark hair and fairly thick stubble.

Good luck.

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Use an electric shaver. That way you can't cut the top of any zits off.

I use a norelco reflex action plus, with the lifters removed (as per www.koshershaver.org ). That way it only cuts the hair at the surface and helps with ingrowns. Plus, the heads are all slots (no holes) so the hairs have to be straightend before they enter the cutters, so they get cut head on instead of at a sharp angle.

I've also heard some good things about the Remmington Bump Control electric razor as well. You can find more info about electric razors at jimelliott.suddenlaunch2.com or http://iavbbs.com/gflinn/INDEX.HTM (Look in the Tell Mr. SteelBeard forum)

Exfoliating after you shave is also a good idea. Try Neutrogena multi-vitamin acne treatment (salicylic + glycolic acid) or neutrogena healthy skin face lotion (8% glycolic). Or even diluted vinegar. It will sting after a shave but its quick and temporary.

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