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I am a 45 year old male and have had extremely oily skin especially on my nose since I was 13. It has been a struggle all of my adult life. Over the years I have tried everything from Propecia, Accutane(Topical and Pill); Aldactone; Psorisis medications; Retin A; Adapalene; Every vitamin combination possible; Herbs; Clay Masks etc.

I only write this here to possibly help someone else.

I have finally found something that has worked for me consistently for the past year. I now know for me this works completely.

I am using Ketsugo. I am in no way associated with Ketsugo or would benefit if you use it or not. This just happens to be the product that worked for me. I refer you to http://www.ketsugo.co.uk you can find out the specifics of the product there. I use the gel myself.

Ketsugo works on its own but not completely so I enhance it to get to the final level I need by taking:

- 50,000 IU of Fat Soluble Vitamin A ( I take 2 25,000 IU A capsules)

- 6 Capsules of 400IU Fat Souble Vitamin D & A Combo.

Yes I know that A is potentially Toxic but not at the levels I take. I take this for 3 days in the morning and then do not take it again for 8 days. So 3 days on and 8 days off.

- I also have to control Blackheads on Nose area and use 15% Alpha Hydroxy and Elcinia to do this. I use 15% Alpha One Night and then Elcinia the next and Elcinia every moring. Elcinia alone does not keep the pores empty completely but does help the skin look very good. I found the 15% Alpha Hydroxy every night somehow starts to increase the oil.

Again I only write this because it is something that is a final solution for me.

I don't intend to visit this forum again so I probably will not respond to any questions. But the above is all you need to know.

May God bless you and good luck...

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