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Natural Acne Tips Or Advice?

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I am a twenty year old female who suffers from horrible acne! I began suffering with mild acne when i started puberty. But the past year it has progresse into deep cysts! Its horrible, painful and embarrassing. And Ive developed horrible scarring from it. About six months ago i decided to make a lifestyle change in order to help my acne and overall body. I dont eat meat, bread, sugar (besides what naturally occurs in fruit), or fast food. I eat mostly vegetables, fruit, fish and eggs. I exercise at least five times a week too. I thought this would clear everything up but im still suffering. Im embarrased to even look in the mirror. Ive nevee had cyst like acne and i dont know how to help it. I dont wear foundation makeup so i cant imagine my pores being clogged with gunk. I always wash my face after i workout. I wash my hands before i wash my face. I use a clean towel to dry it. I always sleep on clean pillowcases. I dont really touch my face much. I take a multi vitamin, fish oil and a probiotic. I monitor my carb, protein and fat intake because i thought that the cause of my acne was not getting enough protein. I was wrong. I tweaked my diet and saw zero changes in my skin. I dont eat fried or greasy foods. I eat mostly raw, whole foods. I drink a gallon of water a day. I thought all of this would be enough to clear my skin but nothing is working! If anyone has any advice to help me please message me. I dont like the idea of taking drugs or medication to solve this. I prefer to do things naturally. I use a face wash with no harsh chemicals and i use coconut oil. I dont really feel stressed so i cant imagine this being the cause. I do a lot of yoga and working out to relieve stress. I also live in a dry climate. Ive also been getting a lot of pimples on my arms with ive never had before. Does anyone know why? I keep researching this and ive come up blank. Please help!

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Hi ML09,

I am also suffering bad acne as you. I have a lot of big deep cys with no head at all even i have a clear life style. These take months to go away and they leave very big dark spots on my face >.< I do not want to take accutane because my liver is not strong enough and i don't want to rely on it.

Now I realise that my skin is very sensitive because of the water i use to wash my face everyday. After using the clean water and cleansing oil to wash my face, it turn to be better. So, I think that it may help you too :D

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try leaving out eggs and see how that goes. Eggs are too hot for the body when eaten every day.

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