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I finished Accutane almost a year ago. I know sometimes it's fustraighting but unfortunately there is no quick fix for acne. It took about 2.5 to 3 months for me to see results...which is normal for most Accutane patients. I promise there is a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I also work in dermatology and not only have I experienced it first hand, but I see it every day. Accutane is made to absorb all the oil from those glands, so your entire body will be dry. I moisterized my face with cearve baby lotion. It isn't as light as regular lotion but not as heavy as the cream. And it is GREAT for all over your body too. I had to play around with alot to see what was right for my skin. Its really important to be gentle with your skin care during this time. I cut out all fragrance. Started washing my body with dove unscented and moisterizing straight out of the shower. Your lips will also get dry i recommend dr.dans lip balm which can be purchased online..it was my saving grace!! Doing Accutane was the best thing I've done and I do not regret it. 6-7 months down the road will come fast and you will totally agree! Goodluck!

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I've taken 3 courses and each time I get a terrible intial breakout. Accutane is a huge rollercoaster and it usually takes me 4 months until I see some improvement.

Not trying to be negative but don't expect results too fast! Good luck and just keep your head high. the dry scabby spots are normal and moisturizer should help but won't clear it 100%.

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No serious side effects. And you take monthly blood tests which will catch any serious side effects. Some people also blame some of their side effects that Accutane may or may not have caused. Personally I think its a very safe drug.

But I'm very biased as I've taken 3 courses and this is the only treatment which works so its a must for me lol. I really wouldn't worry too much.

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