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Inally, Chinese Medicine Helped Me To Treat Rosacea!

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Finally, A Chinese Medicine completed treat my Rosacea!

My Rosacea symptoms were:

1. I was very easy to get hot from my body, and sweaty.

2. I had pus (boils) on my back and body and face for almost twenty years.

3. My face was black and red, and was very easily to turn red and hot (flushing). In winter when I entered a warm room from outside, my face definitely would turn red and I would feel very hot on my face.

Several days ago, I tried a chinese medicine, all the symptoms dispeared in one night!!! It completed treated my Rosacea. So amazing. This medicine has more than 1000 years' history. and very famous in China.

The name of this chinese medicine is : zhi(1) bai(3) di(4) huang(2) wan(2), (知柏地黄丸, phellodendrom and rehmannia pill)

It's very commonly used in China, and I think you can find it easily in chinese medicine store in any China Town. It's very cheap. 1 USD per box with 10 pills. I take 4 pills per day. In commonly use it's 2 pills per day, and you can take it for 3 to 6 months,and take one month's break and retake the pills again. It's OTC medicine in China.

Give it a try, and you will be surprised definitely!

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