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Welsh Wizard

WelshWizard's B5 Log

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Here's my background:

I'm a 17 year old male who has mild acne since I was about 13. Within the past year my acne has gotten even worse - cystic acne, plus a lot of red marks appearing from severe spots which have disappeared. I made an appointment with my GP who prescribed me with some antibiotics, benzamycin gel and retin-a to put on my skin. I found that the benzamycin gel was working, and the antibiotics were slowly helping, however the retin-a didn't help atall.

A while later I arranged another appointment with my GP and we decided that I should be taken off the Retin A and put on a different set of antibiotics. These, again, caused little improvement, and any improvement which I did have was minor. I was then given an appointment with a dermatologist, and with the UK waiting lists as they are, I was told I would have to wait 13 months for an outpatients appointments.

I complained about it and eventually with the help of my doctor managed to get the waiting time down to 2 weeks.

The doctor basically told me that I could either go on Roaccutane or I could go back on the antibiotics. Knowing that the antibiotics didn't work, I decided to research roaccutane further. Coincidentally, that night on the Richard & Judy talk show there was a discussion about whether roaccutane was safe. After watching that talk I decided against taking it however severe my acne became.

A couple of months went by when my acne got worse and worse. I tried a number of different over the counter medicines - none of which worked. Then I came online and found about B5. The day after, I bought a packet of B5 and took 2 a day for about a week. Almost immediatly I could feel my skin was less oily, and it also the smaller whiteheads soon disappeared.

I upped my dosage to 10 tablets a day - which was something which I was a bit concerned about doing, but I don't regret doing it. The only side effect I have ever experienced is farting - nothing else. My skin seems to have improved so much since.

I'll post some pics up soon to show how it's changed.

Hope that helps - i'll keep this log to let everyone know how it improves!

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